« A morning glide in calm conditions.
Perfect for young children (from 4 y/o) and for those who are not quite sure (80kg max) ! »


7-10 min


« Around 20 min thermal flight high in the sky, and tour.
In the afternoon / early evening, great for all. From 35 to 130kg »


15-20 min


« Around 30 min thermal flight high in the sky, and fly around.
In the afternoon / early evening, great for all. From 35 to 130 kg »


25-30 min


« Around 30 min Thermal flight high in the sky, and…‘go for it’ upside down !
Afternoon / early evening, dedicated to Acrobatics. From 35 to 110 kg. Introduction to acro manoeuvers »


25-30 min


« Around 45 min thermal flight, let’s go higher and far away.
In the afternoon / early evening, great oportunity for all. From 35 to 130 kg. Perfect for nature lovers. »


45-60 min


The pilot can film and capture this unique moment with a HD Gopro ! We offer you the SD card


Add some spicy to your flight ! Let’s finish the tour upside down


Golf Café – Avenue de Millau Plage
12100 Millau



+33 6 60 84 76 23

Here are the more frequent questions people ask

– How does a tandem flight works ?

Once your flight booked, you will receive a What’sApp to confirm the schedule and meeting point at least 3 hours before your flight. You must be at the rendez-vous 15 mins before then we drive you to the take off in our shuttle (not for “Brunas” and “Novis”, you join us directly at the take off by yourself). After a few steps down the hill, you are flying in the sky with a professional pilot ! Most of the landings are just behind our base at Golf Café, if the pilot decide to land on another place, the shuttle will come pick you up to drive you back to the base.

-A paragliding jump ?

No ! You are flying, not jumping. The take off is very smooth.

-Who can do a tandem flight ?

This is an accessible activity, from 4y/o to …

For the take off,the passenger is active and have to do a few steps or run a little bit to get the glider fly.

Weight limits:

Morning flights: 80kg max

Afternoon Flights: 130kg max

-Handicapped person flight?

Our instructors have an handicapped qualification, we can make them fly in a special wheeling chair. Same price. But you need to call us before to make sure it is possible.

-What should I bring ?

Hiking shoes, a jacket, sun glasses …

-What happens in case of bad weather ?

We try to anticipate as much as possible, if the weather is not good to fly in safe conditions, we can cancel or postponed the flight to another day . The payment is always after the flight (except gift vouncher)

-How can I pay ?

TANDEM : you pay after your flight by cash, PayLib or ANCB, CB (only on our website).

-Can I have a refund ?

No, but we can switch to another flight price in case of a flight too short …

-Do you have an insurance ?

Yes, every passengers are under professional pilots insurance protection.